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Classroom Guidance

The School Counselor will push into each classroom on a weekly basis to provide guidance lessons that teaches various skills that foster social emotional development and student success using evidence-based curriculums and lessons. Topics include emotion management, problem solving, empathy, mindfulness, career development, safety, etc.

Second Step

The School Counselor will be using this social emotional curriculum for all students K-5.  It includes 20-25 lessons per grade level.  It is an evidence-based curriculum which is aligned to the American School Counselor Association “Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success”.  For more information, you can visit 


This is a curriculum developed by the Hawn Foundation which focuses on managing stress, promoting kindness, and practicing mindfulness.  For more information, you can visit

Career Development 

All students will receive career guidance lessons and comlpete an individual career plan with the School Counselor 

Erin's Law/Child Safety

NY passed a law requiring schools to teach safety and child abuse/exploitation prevention lessons to all students in grades K-8.  For more information you can visit  Resources and lessons will be provided by KidSmartz and the Tedi Bear Advocacy Center.  For more information, you can visit and