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2/27/19 - Eat Smart NY Smoothie Bike

Boy in camo hoodie trying smoothie sample
Boy giving thumbs up
Boy in gamer shirt eating smoothie
Boy in gray shirt running
Boy in red and blue jacket riding bike
boy with red seeves riding bike and class
Boy with red sleeves riding bike
Four students running
boy with red sleeves trying smoothie sample
Boys looking at recipe
girl in butterfly shirt running
girl raising hand
Girl in pink riding bike
Girl with blonde hair trying smoothie sample
Girl with butterfly shirt riding bike and class
Girl with butterfly shirt riding bike
girl with camo pants riding bike
Girls celebrating
Students racing
Sue mixing smoothie
Three girls looking at smoothie sample
Boy in blue sweatshirt riding bike
pouring smoothies

Students at Frankfort-Schuyler Elementary School got some extra exercise and a fresh snack during their recent PE classes, as each class made their own food samples using a smoothie bike.

The smoothie bike visit was part of the Eat Smart NY (ESNY) program provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension, which includes monthly lessons during PE classes. Through the program, students learn about leading a healthy lifestyle including elements of proper nutrition, meal planning and food preparation that will hopefully lead to life-long heathy eating habits.

The lesson combined nutrition and physical activity as students pureed and mixed the ingredients for smoothies by taking turns pedaling the stationary bike which had a blender attached above the rear wheel. The faster the bike was pedaled, the more blended the smoothies became. During the lessons on February 26-28, students blended and sampled a Peach Carrot Smoothie, high in vitamin A and potassium, made with undrained canned peaches, frozen carrots and frozen bananas.

This was a departure from the usual ESNY lessons which give students the opportunity to learn about and taste test samples prepared ahead of time by Herkimer County ESNY Nutritionist Sue Elliot. Elliot, a Registered Diet Technician has been surprised at how willing students have been throughout the school year to try new foods they may have never tasted or heard of before, and noted that several students and their families have tried the recipes that she sends home after each lesson.

During the February ESNY lessons, students also learned about “go” foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains that are nutritionally rich and provide energy, and “woah” foods like buttery popcorn, white bread and chips that are high calorie or provide little nutritional value.

Students practiced identifying “go” and “woah” foods during a race where classes were split into two teams and each student answered a question from Elliot with a “go” or “woah” food before racing to the other side of the gym and back.

All of the students enjoyed getting to make their own smoothies while incorporating some extra fun and fitness into their day.