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3/18/19 - UCFC Players Visit K-Kids

Kiwanis speaking
Mo talking to students
Stephen talking to students
students doing jumping jacks
Boy in Herkimer basketball shirt juggling ball
Christian juggling ball
players watching student juggle ball
Mo looking up at ball
Mo Juggling ball
Mo fist bump
Mo with ball on back
Christian talking to three boys
Mo playing soccer with students
Sephen fist bump
Girl in leopard kicking ball
Girl in gap shirt kicking ball
Christian kicking ball
Stephen picking students to play
Stephen with foot on ball
Boy in orange shirt kicking ball
Christian playing soccer with students
Stephen High fiving students
Players and students group photo
Christian high fiving students
Players with Mrs Carinci
Boys with Stephen
Mrs Carinci speaking to students
girl and boy facing off for ball
UCFC Players
Players doing jumping jacks
Boy high fiving stephen

Utica City Football Club defender Stephen Deroux, goalkeeper Christian Esposito and midfielder Mohamed Kenawy visited the Frankfort-Schuyler Elementary School K-Kids Club after school on March 18 to show off some soccer skills and talk to the students about the importance of teamwork.

The players started off their visit by demonstrating some soccer tricks and challenging a few students to a ball juggling contest. Students then split up into small groups and got to play a few mini games of soccer with the UCFC players joining the games and giving tips to the students along the way.

Deroux emphasized the importance of teamwork to the group, explaining that if they all tried to run to the ball at the same time no one would be able to get it, but if they spread out and passed to their teammates they could attack the goal and score.

The visit ended with lots of high fives, big smiles and a group photo!